Accounting Services by Industry

Every industry experiences its own accounting and tax compliance issues. A CPA firm that is acutely aware of the financial needs of your industry can make all the difference in managing your money. Russikoff LLC has a background working with the industries listed below and offers the latest accounting services and tax solutions available. This specialized knowledge allows us to provide exceptional service and advice for your business.

Medical Practices

Medical practices deal with much more serious issues than accounting, but managing these tasks is still essential to their success. Russikoff LLC has more than 35 years of experience representing healthcare professionals. We provide the accounting and tax services your medical practice needs to run smoothly so you can concentrate on running your business.

Real Estate

The real estate market is full of risks and challenges but finding the right CPA firm to manage your accounting is easy - turn to Russikoff LLC.


Athletes, actors, models, musicians, event planners and designers in the entertainment industry require a different level of accounting support than the average business. At Russikoff LLC, we understand the complexities of accounting for the entertainment industry and possess the experience to efficiently manage your finances.

Technology Firms

As a technology company, you are shaping the future with new innovations. Remove financial obstacles that could hold you back by adding Russikoff LLC to your team. We help technology businesses achieve financial stability, profitability, and sustainable growth with a variety of industry-specific accounting and tax services.

Russikoff LLC also provides accounting and tax services to the following industries:


Commercial and residential builders, developers and specialized contractors all benefit from our construction accounting services and tax planning strategies.


Online retailers, boutiques, and other specialty stores can control cash flow and expenses with a full range of retail accounting services.

Service Industries

The selection of an accounting method is a critical tax decision. We have the expertise and knowledge to advise on these matters.


The accounting needs of a transportation business are unique and we possess the expertise that industry requires.

Our firm provides reliable accounting support to all kinds of businesses in these industries and many others. Call us now at 973-564-8080 or request a consultation online